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Connected Scholars

Connected Scholars is a research-informed course designed to meet the needs of high schools, colleges, and universities interested in implementing a mentoring program for its students. Instead of matching students with assigned mentors, students are trained to understand the value of building their social capital and then, learn and practice networking and relationship-building skills to expand their social networks. The goal is for young adults to develop life-long skills that will benefit their academic, professional, and personal lives.

BROTHERS RESTORING URBAN HOPE, INC. Community Center in partnership with SC Regional Housing Authority No.1

The Bruh Mentor Community Center is open weekly to youth K-12. The Center staff offer homework assistance, mentorship, and positive- youth development. Our Center offers a safe space for our youth and families. Snacks are offered along with Computer access and Wi-Fi. The Center was founded on the principle that all youth deserve a safe and fun outta school time space to play and develop. 

Bruh Mentoring Sports and Mentoring 

Staying active increases health and wellness throughout all stages of life. The Bruh Mentor Sports and Mentoring Programs address positive mentoring relationships and a healthy lifestyle through sports activity.


At Bruh Mentor, we believe all young people should have access to safe places and caring adult mentors who help them grow socially, athletically, emotionally, and academically. Coaches and Mentors have a unique opportunity to teach youth valuable life skills, like how to set goals and introduce yourself to someone new, using sports as a platform.


Mentoring through sports can help young people develop character because just like in life, athletes experience the highs and lows of the game.

Our coaches and mentors are trained to inspire participants to apply the skills they learn on the field, court, track, and boxing ring in real life by…

1. Empowering youth to make healthy choices and improve physical fitness. Physical activity helps develop healthy bones, joints, and muscles and fend off obesity. Coaches and mentors have the opportunity to emphasize making healthy choices in life by following habits like eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising.

2. Encouraging youth to take ownership in their learning. Coaches and mentors should help youth seek challenging tasks and push themselves to develop new skills. The goal is for young people to become their own best coaches – whether on the field, court, track, or boxing ring, at school, at home, or in life.

3. Helping young people develop life skills. Setting attainable goals, overcoming challenges, and learning techniques to manage thoughts and emotions – are skills youth can learn through sports and mentoring, but more importantly, can apply to other areas of life.

4. Helping young people develop core values. Our coaches and mentors collaborate to guide youth to understand and develop values such as commitment, compassion, integrity, courage, dependability, authenticity, and hope.


5. Strengthening interpersonal skills and peer relationships. Being involved in sports can help build a young person’s self-confidence and social interactions. Coaches and Mentors can model and encourage youth to appreciate diversity and show respect to themselves, playing partners, and fellow competitors.


Bruh Mentor has established several partnerships to form the Spartanburg Sports and Mentoring Collaborative in which our organization plays as a mentoring host to the Spartanburg Elite Boxing Club, The Spartanburg County Titans Track Club, Jay Free Basketball Team, HURD Track Training Academy, and Titus Miller’s Skill Skool Basketball Academy. 


These partnerships provide our mentors at Bruh Mentor with a unique platform to touch over 300 plus underserved youth in Spartanburg County. Our organization is also filling a much-needed void in the sports arena and the Spartanburg community. We have the opportunity to provide some much-needed life and character skills along with positive- youth development to over 300 plus youth through high-intensity mentoring combined with fundamental sports training.


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