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“Restoring the urban community through group mentorship, leadership training, and spiritual guidance”


B.R.U.H. is guided by the principle that all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, family dynamics, nationality, or past failures, deserve a chance at a bright future. Through our group mentoring efforts, virtual workshops, trainings, leadership, and spiritual guidance, we encourage and equip our youth to discover and develop their unique talents, achieve in academic settings, social settings, and rise above any circumstance that is detrimental to their becoming thriving, productive and engaged adults. 

Mission: Restoring the urban community through group mentorship, leadership training, and spiritual guidance. 

Vision: Through our mentoring services, we desire to make personal connections that will inspire those in the urban communities to discover who they are, develop their strengths, and overcome their challenges.

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“We value making connections with those we mentor helping them to discover who they are, develop their strengths & helping with their challenges.”


Physical Address: 

171 E. Kennedy St. Spartanburg, SC 29306

Mailing Address:

337 Laurelwood Dr. Boiling Springs, SC 29316


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With all the issues facing our community Bruh Mentor is totally PASSIONATE and COMMITTED to shining the light on matters of importance along with bringing awareness to Spartanburg that is both inspiring and motivational to everyone ...Great job Victor DurrahJr..and from the looks of things you're just getting started.

Brenda Atchison

BRUH is A resource for the youth to gain confidence  while helping youth to build  strong character, leadership ,  and realize their full potential . A platform that is dedicated to the community  and provides support in every area that strives to lead youth in personal improvement while mentoring .

Bridgette Dennis

Motivated young black leaders teaching the youth life skills..and it's being done from the heart not from a place of wanting a big return except the success of these young people. Love what you guys are doing cuz..and definitely let me know if I can assist in any way.

Brittany Lockhart

I would say BRUH is an organization that focuses on the training and mentorship  of youth and youth serving providers to restore hope. I believe you all also partner with various organizations to direct youth on the right path by providing them with a community of support. This is done through major yearly events (such as the basketball and spring break camps) and smaller intimate conversations. Primarily, it is a relationship building organization committed to building up leaders, educating the community, and molding the future generation.

Jasmine Stewart

I know Bruh Mentor is very necessary in the community. Very uplifting, motivating and an all around hub for youth to look up to. I’ve seen nothing but positive and unique ways to keep the minds of the young people stimulated.

Sharee Allen

Providing opportunity and encouragement to young men who will improve the community locally and globally. An aside, the challenge is to develop Bruh Mentor to sustain its mission independent of your dynamic leadership. If you walked away today, what would fail?  Proud of your work!

R. Todd Stephens

Community outreach program that focuses on creating young leaders through positive mindset. A trusted partner within the community.

Scott Cochran

Positive, uplifting, supportive and educational advocate in a time when our community needs it most.

Monique Watson

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